The WAY - The TRUTH - The LIFE

The WAY - The TRUTH - The LIFE
Jesus said to him. "I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me..." - John 14:6

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Go, Know, Grow. No Status quo

The LORD commanded me in the past,

Where He sends me, I must go:

To faithful obedience, holding fast,

His sovereign purpose I shall know.

Unless by encounter experience

Of His perfect will I grow,

There cannot be a recompense

For a life of status quo.

Eric A Trott

24th March 2024

(This poem is based on Matthew 28:18-20 and a vision The LORD had given me regarding our move to Navi Mumbai)

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Will we value, will we forget, What is and was before us?

God looked down from His throne on high;
What He saw did pain His heart:
For all the earth and all the sky,
Was ravaged in every part.

Selfishness is where it all starts;
It's the root of every crime:
And evil did besiege our hearts,
As we vainly squandered time.

We all had drifted far away
From God's original plan:
And so, it widened day by day,
The chasm between God and man.

Now God in love, gave us His Son,
To die on Calvary’s Cross,
To pay the debt of everyone,
So our gain would be His loss.

But we still turned our backs on Him,
In the pursuit of our greed:
As our hearts grew dark, our sight grew dim,
And we forsook our primary need.

So we filled our courts with injustice,
And we confused love with lust;
And with hate, pain and prejudice,
Oppressed the weak and the just.

And all creation groaned in pain,
Under our ruthless regime:
The cry to be restored again,
Reached the ear of God Supreme.

The earth was littered with plastic,
And the sky was filled with smoke:
There was need for something drastic,
So, The Creator once more spoke.

He reminded man, that life and death,
Were not in the human hand:
And the universe, its length and breadth,
Were more than we understand.

Though this was not God's intention,
T'was not what He would have planned:
There was a need for intervention
Of His sovereign, almighty hand.

So, He sent a tiny virus, 
To bring us upon our knees.
To humble us and teach us,
That He's God who hears and sees.

Both the humble and the mighty,
Rulers, servants, rich and poor,
God allowed all, this tough and weighty
Situation to endure.

And while He locked us behind doors,
He cleaned up the mess we made:
The air, the forests, the oceans, the shores,
Nature's restored life displayed.

The animals are free again;
The birds are back to singing:
And after all the strife and pain,
There'll come a new beginning.

But have we learnt our lesson yet?
That time alone will show us:
Will we value, will we forget,
What is and was before us?

Eric A Trott
25th July 2020

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

I Wonder!

This world's a book of billions of stories,
Many of which may never be read:
Of all the pain, and all the glories,
And all that ever was done and said.

So amazing the tales of every kind!
I wonder what the author had in mind!

An anthology of lines in endless poetry,
Of awesome depth and flawless rhyme,
That have been penned through all of history,
And will be written till the end of time.

Such wondrous verse so subtly defined!
I wonder what the poet had in mind!

A magna opera of masterpiece creation,
So prodigious and beyond compare;
How awesome is the revelation
To the seeker who sees it everywhere!

Is everywhere so hard to find?
I wonder what the artist had in mind!

The designer's wisdom in the work displayed;
The percipience and the artistry:
Such amazing beauty, so well arrayed;
How astounding is this mystery!

Past, present and future, eternally divined:
I wonder what the creator had in mind!

Eric A Trott

22nd July 2018

Friday, October 11, 2019

On the Rock

As my thoughts ricochet off a wall of silence,
I tread a line 'tween faith and doubt;
But I stand my ground in firm defiance
Knowing my strength may soon run out.

At the crossroads on this life’s hard journey,
I linger, not knowing the way ahead;
The signposts are few and the options many,
And confusion fills my heart with dread.

But I will not look at the wind and waves,
And I will not lean on my fragile skill;
I will fix my gaze on the One who saves,
And humbly yield unto His will.

Though my state be beyond my understanding,
Yet, I won’t give in to fear’s cold grasp;
On the Rock is where I’ll remain standing,
And I know my hand He’ll firmly clasp.

Eric Anthony Trott

18th September 2016

If I Could Only

O if I could only set in tune,
My mind to rhythm and heart to rhyme;
And I know it may not be too soon,
Before I reach the end of time.

If my selfish will could cease to wander,
And surrender all to His will supreme,
If I could always cause my heart to ponder,
On God's divine redemptive scheme.

My spirit cautions my feet to flee,
From passions that this world excites;
As my weary soul does beacon me,
To deeper depth and higher heights;

To tarry at my Master's feet,
And rest from Him humbly accept;
Till the glorious day I hope to meet,
My Risen Lord who paid my debt.

Eric Anthony Trott

6th September 2015

The Grace to Stay Faithful

Lord, I'm sorry that I hurt You,
I'm sorry for going astray:
Please help me to stay focused
And to never turn away.

My mind sometimes wanders
To things that do distract,
To thoughts, I shouldn't think of,
For I'm weak, and that's a fact.

But I ask You for the grace Lord
To live my life this day;
That I'll stay faithful and fruitful,
In Jesus' Name, I pray!


Eric Anthony Trott

22nd June 2019

If you know Jesus and love talking to Him in prayer, you have probably experienced yourself sometimes drift away in your thoughts in the midst of a prayer.  I have experienced that often.  On one such occasion, while I was in prayer, talking to Jesus, my mind began to wander off on a train of thought,  down some dark alley of the past, when I suddenly felt the gentle nudge of God's Holy Spirit prompting me to come back. The nudge was in fact so gentle that I could have missed it. I'm so glad I didn't. I at once repented of my wandering and wrote this prayer poem.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

By His Grace

The Lord hath redeemed by His grace
My sinful soul from death's domain:
Upon the Cross, He took my place,
He bore my sin, my shame, my pain.

No man-made fame, past or present
Shall stay until the end of time:
And all the boasting men may present
Shall not equal His Word sublime.

No prize, no crown, no accolade,
No earthly gain can satisfy:
'Twas what the hand of God hath made
That causeth me to testify.

Until I go to be with Him,
To live is Christ, to die is gain;
My blessed hope is safe in Him,
Since Jesus died and rose again.

I pray that souls for Christ be won
As by his grace, I do my best,
Till all my work on earth is done
And I am laid at last to rest,

And on that great and glorious day,
In that voice ever so pleasant,
I long to hear my Saviour say,
"Well-done good and faithful servant",

Eric A Trott

9th July 2019