The WAY - The TRUTH - The LIFE

The WAY - The TRUTH - The LIFE
Jesus said to him. "I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me..." - John 14:6

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Beyond the Physical

From the moment of birth when life’s unfurled,
Until as old as we have grown,
It is by our physical bodies we know the world;
And it is by our bodies that we are known.

We start to hear the sounds of life
Even when still in our mother’s womb,
And are familiar with all its joys and strife
Till laid to rest in the cold hard tomb.

To smell the fragrance of the breeze;
How invigorating is the air so fresh:
To behold the beauty of the trees;
How amazing we can in mortal flesh!

To feel the warmth of a loved one’s touch
And know the comfort of being in love.
O the taste of victuals that are relished much:
Is this mere material or something above?

Alas, the constraints of an earthly body
That does restrain our urge to fly!
And the journey from euphoria to feeling shoddy
As time and tide does pass us by!

A life of anticipation and hope from birth
That looks forward to what is to come,
How could it end buried beneath the earth
Where speech is silenced and senses numb?

Nay, God has put into the heart of man
The knowledge of eternity;
Not without a much greater plan
That’s beyond plain physical entity:

While we have bodies, we are souls
That were created to live eternally;
Heaven bound with earthly goals
Of being fruitful implicitly.

But sin has separated us from God’s will
And the knowledge of His Divine Purpose:
And he that comes to steal and kill
Does all he can to destroy us.

But Jesus came to seek and save
Mankind He created that was lost;
That they might have the hope He gave
For which on the Cross He paid the cost.

The choice is ours to remain enslaved
To the one who would have us lost forever,
Or believe and be saved
By the One who is the Only Savior.

Yea, Jesus came a life to give
That we may have abundantly;
He died and rose that we might live
Not in the flesh but spiritually.

Eric Anthony Trott
July 15, 2013

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